Funeral Vision provides the perfect platform to coordinate the event easily and unite loved ones separated by distance.

Funeral Vision

Private live streaming of funeral services to unite loved ones separated by distance

A family bereavement is a difficult time. When we lose someone we love, the last thing anyone wants is to contemplate making funeral arrangements. For relatives and friends separated by distance or circumstance, finding the money and time to return for the service sometimes isn’t a possibility.

Funeral Vision provides the perfect platform to coordinate the event easily and unite loved ones separated by distance. Mourners can pay their respects and be part of the service from the Funeral Vision app on their cell phone or tablet.


Funeral Vision allows mourners to filter for local funeral homes, find the service information they need and pass on their respects and condolences. If they can’t attend for any reason, they can watch the service through Funeral Vision’s live streaming network, which is password protected and secure. Funeral Vision further provides a one-stop platform for friends and relatives to leave donations or flowers for the service.


Family members can keep all the details of the proceedings organized, without having to repeat themselves, or inform the guests. From the date and time of the service, to donation preferences, Funeral Vision relieves some of the stress of your loss.

You can leave personal preference information or any special instructions, such as donations to charity in lieu of flowers, or directions to the service. Best of all is Funeral Vision’s live streaming option, allowing those who can’t attend to watch the service in real time or save for later for your person viewing convenience

Online Viewing

For those who are unable to attend the service, Funeral Vision’s online streaming allows invited attendees to view the service. They can feel as if they are a part of the event, even when separated by distance, and may also leave their condolences or donations from within the Funeral Vision app.

We use technology to make every aspect of our lives better. Now, Funeral Vision connects us when loved ones move on to the next life as well.

Uniting Loved Ones Separated By Distance

Funeral Vision app is easy to download to your smartphone or mobile device and will help take the hardship out of making funeral arrangements. It’s difficult enough losing someone we love, and having to organize the event can be too much for many people to contemplate. Funeral Vision is designed to take the stress out of the details and unite family and loved ones on one easy platform.

Funeral Vision allows loved ones separated by distance to attend the service. While nothing makes up for actually being there, if distance or circumstance impede people from attending, Funeral Vision will bring them closer.

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